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Meet Dr. Matti Palo

Through 24-years of practice and over 5000 operations, Dr. Palo realized that there was a clear pathway for improvement in healthcare delivery. He decided he wanted to utilize his unique combination of background, education, and worldview to completely change the way healthcare is delivered. He founded Palo Medical in 2012 with the express purpose of improving solutions in the areas of post-orthopedic surgery recovery and to aid in the treatment of common orthopedic issues. Through Palo Medical, Dr. Palo has taken multiple products from conception to distribution including QVC and the Canadian Shopping Channel while securing the intellectual property surrounding each invention.  In 2015, he founded OrthoBistro LLC, a healthcare platform that facilitates direct connections between patients and practicing clinicians. He is the co-founder of DocOpC which is a deployed solution that manages the entire surgical process for all stakeholders from scheduling through capturing the charges involved in surgery.

Matti Palo Orthopedic Surgeon
Doctor Examining CT Scan


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