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Hand Pain

Providing Personalized Hand Care

with Advanced Diagnostics. 

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Your hand issues don't need to own your every move.

Your fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders are made up of more moving parts than any other area of your body. When they’re healthy, they’re capable of amazing things, from delicate movements to acts of profound strength. But even the smallest manifestation of pain or loss of function can have a huge impact on your quality of life.  Whether your knee pain is the result of an injury or a sudden movement that strains the knee , Dr. Matti Palo is here to provide expert care that can help you get back doing the things you love. 

About your Hands

Numerous muscles, ligaments, tendons, and sheaths can be found within the hand. The muscles are the structures that can contract, allowing movement of the bones in the hand. The ligaments are fibrous tissues that help bind together the joints in the hand. The sheaths are tubular structures that surround part of the fingers. The tendons connect muscles in the arm or hand to the bone to allow movement.

In addition, there are arteries, veins and nerves within the hand that provide blood flow and sensation to the hand and fingers.

Hand Anatomy Diagram
Matti Palo Orthopedic Surgeon

You're in Good Hands.

Matti has shown his passion for improving the quality of healthcare as demonstrated by his 99th percentile patient satisfaction scores and surgical outcomes. His surgical procedures include partial knee and total knee replacement, shoulder arthroscopy with complex reconstruction and revision surgery, knee arthroscopy, sports medicine, trauma, and hand surgery.

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