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Fracture Treatment

A bone fracture is a break in the continuity of a bone. A significant percentage of bone fractures occur because of high force impact or stress.



Are you ready to return to a life of restored mobility and function? 

Physical trauma, overuse, and health conditions that weaken the bones, such as osteoporosis, are the leading causes of bone fractures. Other factors can also increase an individual’s risk of sustaining fractures. Dr. Matti Palo is here to provide expert care that can help you get back doing the things you love. 

About Fractures

A fracture is a break or a crack in a bone. A fracture occurs when force exerted against a bone is stronger than the bone can structurally withstand.
The most common sites for bone fractures are the wrist, ankle and hip. Treatment includes immobilising the bone with a plaster cast, or surgically inserting metal rods or plates to hold the bone pieces together. Some complicated fractures may need surgery and surgical traction. In most cases, your cast will be removed after a few weeks, but you must treat your limb with care for at least the next month or so.

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Matti Palo Orthopedic Surgeon

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Matti has shown his passion for improving the quality of healthcare as demonstrated by his 99th percentile patient satisfaction scores and surgical outcomes. His surgical procedures include partial knee and total knee replacement, shoulder arthroscopy with complex reconstruction and revision surgery, knee arthroscopy, sports medicine, trauma, and hand surgery.

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